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Maruthakkal Farms was established at Chitharal in Kanyakumari.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine the goodness of natural multiflora honey with our professional service deliverance system to offer the best honey products to all our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer our clients with top-notch products in the quickest possible time at affordable rates. Every process, technology and personnel we use work towards this.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most preferred brand in selected markets for multiflora honey in the next decade and create a niche products offering system to cater the products to the world.


We work hard to bring superior multiflora honey from the farmers of India. We have extensive associations with these farmers who can deliver impeccable honey collected from the lap of the mighty Western Ghats. Since honey is collected from the untouched, deeper virgin forests, it never lose its natural fragrance, flavor and color. We also work hard to ensure that the clients always get it as they intend to get it. It is not just bringing the best honey from nature and delivering it for the clients that makes us the best in the business. It is our relentless efforts to cater to all multiflora needs of the market in the most professional and ethical way that distinguish from the rest of the players in the industry. As a brand that wants to deliver the goodness of nature to our patrons, we live by a business philosophy that defines everything we do. Honey is a great source of natural energy and can be added to energy drink while making it. It will give you quick energy boost your body and can revitalize your body functions quickly.

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Multiflora Honey

Multiflora honey is more than just a natural product. It has extensive and significant health and medical benefits. Take home the best multiflora honey from us.

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Whipped Chocolate Honey Cheesecake

Whipped Chocolate Honey Cheesecake- oh yes we did. Rich and decadent, triple chocolate cheesecake tastes every bit as good as it sounds; and our signature Whipped Chocolate Honey takes this cheesecake recipe to the next level.

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Published on 28,JULY-2018

Honey, It's a Peach Picnic!

Celebrate summer with these savory, sweet, and spicy honey peach recipes! Georgia's favorite fruit is fresh this time of year and we're getting peachy all season long with salsa, cobbler, ice cream, cocktails, and even a bonus vegetarian quesadilla so good you won't bee-lieve.

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Published on 28,JULY-2018

Wildflower Honey Peach Cobbler recipe

Our Fresh Wildflower Honey Peach Cobbler recipe is a summer must made with two our favorite local ingredients: Lowcountry Georgia Wildflower Honey and sweet southern peaches.8 fresh peaches - peeled.

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Published on 28,JULY-2018

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